Team Kings Supporters Club

So the 2020/21 season has kicked off and our guys have been out for a skid in their new cars and we are all looking forward to getting out and racing as the Kings again to the cheers of you our fans.

Due to the overwhelming bunch of supportive fans we have decided to up the game for you all this year and are offering online merchandise sales from the website and we have added the Team Kings Supporters Club where you select your level of support, and you will get a bunch of Team Kings Exclusive, (yes not available to non-members) merch and offers plus email updates of upcoming events and other relevant Kings Superstock news.

The rush on merchandise last year was unbelievable and we have secured some cool gear (and there is more cool stuff on the way but that will be after launch) but Team Kings Members will be the first notified when extra stock becomes available and can also pre-order if need be.

Lastly…. Team Kings members will get a discount on all Kings Merch once they get their special login to the store.

Check it out the membership options below.

Payments by Credit Card, Paypal, Bank Deposit (proof of transfer within 24 hours to hold items), 

Please Note: The first shipment of goods are not available to ship until Oct 31st